Beware of Buying Big-Box Hot Tubs

Beware of Buying Big-Box Hot Tubs

We realize the first step that many consumers take before considering a purchasing a hot tub is performing online research. With any online research, many consumers are bombarded with numerous online ads promoting sales at all of the familiar big-box stores. Of course, there is already an initial trust that many consumers have with big-box retailers when performing online research.  But, it is not the big-box stores themselves that you have to worry about when considering purchasing a hot tub. It is the hot tub manufacturers that should give consumers pause before making that online hot tub purchase.

Key points on why not to buy online hot tubs from a big-box retailer:

  • Quality of Hot Tubs. Many of these manufacturers are producing hot tubs for multiple big-box stores under private labels as well as dealers under their main brand label. You would think that they have multiple manufacturing facilities to accommodate this type of production scenario. Unfortunately, this is not the case. During the peak hot tub season, these manufacturers are putting out tubs beyond their single facilities and labor capabilities; therefore, quality is sacrificed to meet big-box production deadlines. . You have the right to ask how many manufacturing plants they have to accommodate these big-box sales. Hot tub big-box buyers have run into the problem of having a hot tub delivered that doesn’t work or leaks for some reason or another. Bob’s Intowne Spas avoids dealing with manufacturers selling mainly to big-box stores.
  • High Number of Hot Tub Returns. Because of lower quality, big-box stores are going have a higher number of consumer hot tub returns. You have the right to ask big-box stores and the manufacturer of how many returns they have had in the previous year before making your buying decision. You will be shocked to hear some of the number of returns.
  • Hot Tub Warranties. Private label warranties are very different than main branded warranties. Consumers are getting a lesser warranty on their shell, structure, parts and labor compared to tubs sold under the manufacturer’s main brand that is sold to local dealers. You have the right to ask the manufacturer to compare this warranty information before making your buying decision.
  • Hot Tub Service & Repair. Almost all of these manufacturers provide service repair to the hot tubs that are under warranty with big-box store customers. These manufacturers outsource warranty work to your local hot tub repair people. A majority of these local service repair service shops are not paid by the manufacturer for months leaving the manufacturer to search for numerous local service repair people that might not be qualified or licensed to complete big-box service requests. All of Bob’s Intowne Spas hot tub technicians are qualified professionals.
  • Hot Tub Sales & Customer Service. These manufacturers that sell mainly to big-box stores have unqualified telephone sale people and a very small number of customer service personnel to handle all of the questions pertaining to the hot tubs they are selling to multiple big-box stores. Bob’s Intowne Spas has qualified sales and customer service personnel that have over 10 or more years of experience.
  • Hot Tub Delivery. You will only get curbside delivery from hot tub manufacturers dealing with big-box stores.  A consumer will not have the equipment or physically be able to move an empty hot tub weighing an average of 750lbs. The most that these manufacturers will offer is only backyard delivery at an additional cost. Bob’s Intowne Spas offers free backyard delivery and set-up on all new tubs that we sell in our retail locations.

Bob’s Intowne Spas can offer you the peace of mind with your hot tub investment by guaranteeing you a high quality hot tub with the best manufacturer warranty, superior sales and customer service, and qualified service technicians that can service your hot tub when needed.  We hope this article services a valuable resource with your endeavors of purchasing a new hot tub. If you have any questions about your purchasing your first or replacement hot tub, please feel free to contact us.


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